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Quarterly digest

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The Golden Quarterlies

Fall 2020

  • What’s Next For America
  • Gold, Silver, and the 2020 Presidential Election
  • Precious Metals Futures
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Solutions and Next Steps
  • The Quarterly Mailbag

Spring 2020

  • Q1 2020 Quarterly Summary
  • Current State of the Economy
  • Disproving the Falsified COVID-19 Infection Numbers
  • A Metals Miner Spotlight on Pure Gold Mining

Winter 2019 – 2020

  • Q4 2019 Quarterly Summary
  • Current State of the Economy
  • The Top Headlines of 2019
  • A Metals Miner Spotlight on MAG Silver


Newsletter Archive

Here you will find newsletter archives from our past. We encourage you to read them as they are full of helpful research about the broad markets as well as the precious metals.

September 2019

We discuss what numismatic coins are and provide a guide to understanding them. The numismatic coin market is not as well known by investors, but can be a very lucrative investment vehicle that lacks some of the daily volatility found in the gold bullion markets. There are things to be aware of when investing in this space, and we cover some popular do’s and don’ts here.

August 2019

In this month’s digest, we are going to link Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), zero and negative interest rate policy, and cryptocurrencies. To implement true state-owned money, the government needs all three pieces to come together. We will explain how all of this works, and link these concepts back to economist’s writings starting in the late 1800s.

July 2019

We provide you a buyer’s guide for gold mining stocks and funds. We examine how gold mining stocks reacted the the huge June upside move. We also cover:

  • A checklist for how to value any gold or silver miner. In fact, the guide applies also to any general commodity mining company.
  • We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of investing in individual stocks, stock miner ETFs, and the GLD fund.
  • We rank the main risk factors with mining companies that need to be considered before you invest $1 in any of the miners.
  • We cover the power of leverage in mining stocks versus the stability of carrying the physical metal itself.

June 2019

We cover the US state of affairs in 2019, a broad missive on everything going on economically, culturally, politically, and in technology. The following topics are discussed:

  • Stalling US Economy
  • Corporations Looking for a New Host
  • The US is Becoming a Wasteland
  • Politically, the Western World is Fracturing
  • North American Trade Agreement Roadblocks
  • United States is Following Europe
  • A Brief Comment on Trump
  • Individual Action
  • Odds and Ends:
    • Robotics and AI
    • Break Away Societies
    • Adversarial Military Advancements

May 2019

This is the cryptocurrency issue, and includes my insights from 25 years working in the tech field as systems administrator, systems consultant, technical auditor, and security analyst. We discuss what the real plans are for the digital currencies, including the published IMF template on how to institute electronic money in the banking system to finally replace cash. If you thought cryptos were your salvation outside the banking system, you may want to read this first.

April 2019

We will be discussing John Exter’s pyramid and its role in assessing market investment value and risk. While Exter’s pyramid is used by many financial scholars to asses financial system risk, the original framework is published from a central planner’s perspective. Central planning always fails in the long run; so I have modified the framework to fit the perspective of individual investors. This is your roadmap to financial solvency when the big financial reset happens.

March 2019

We discuss the various economic, political, and cultural super-cycles that are converging together all at the same time. The information here shows two things a) our markets are fragile and nearing shatter, and b) the only way to protect yourself is with physical assets outside the banking system. We include research covering thousands of years across many different historical markets across the world.

February 2019

This is the digest where we cover the many mechanisms used to control the price of gold. This includes suppression of prices and false paper supplies. We discuss who is doing it, and include lots of data on exactly how. The data focuses on sales, leases, swaps, and derivatives like ETFs. Don’t miss this one.

January 2019

This month’s digest explains exactly what factors drive the current gold price. We break it down into the two main components with detailed explanations for each. If you want to know where the gold price is going in today’s market, read this.

December 2018

The focus of this first monthly digest will be on the silver market, and in particular the shiny metal itself. We focus on supply, demand, and pricing factors. Your go-to guide for the silver market.