Solutions 2021

We are so excited to bring you the sessions from our Solutions 2021 conference, originally aired January 28, 2021. We had an amazing audience and a stellar turnout, thank you to everyone who was able to make it. Our speakers shared some invaluable knowledge and we hope that everyone can take something from these sessions to help prepare for the upcoming financial crisis.

Here are the promised recorded sessions from the conference for those who would like to take a second look or for those who were unfortunately not able to make it. Enjoy!

  1. Surviving a Currency Crisis

We discuss the Argentinian currency crisis with a survivor, Fernando Aguirre. He provides his thoughts on how to prepare for an upcoming crisis in the dollar.

2. An Historical Perspective on America’s Struggles

We discuss how history may inform our view of America’s current struggles, and how we can use it to predict what happens next with Dr. Scott Craig.

3. Silver Demand Responding to Political Chaos

We discuss the silver demand dynamics after the recent crisis in the US federal elections. Andy Schectman tell us if silver is acting as a crisis hedge.

4. Gold & Silver Allocations, When to Take Some Profits?

James Anderson of SD Bullion provides his view when to take profits on your gold and silver positions.

5. Bitcoin: Risk vs Reward

Bitcoin has soared in 2021, leading many to believe it is a savior waiting in the wings. We discuss with Kirian Van Hest if it’s really a gold replacement.

6. World Currency Regime Change – What Role Will Gold Play?

Robert Kientz of Gold Silver Pros presents the case for the precious metals ponzi scheme coming to an end, and what that means for the future of precious metals prices.

7. Sorting the Noise to Find Good Information

We discuss how to sort through the noise to find information you can rely on, with Alex Newman of Liberty Sentinel.

8. Managing Financial Risk

2020 was the year of financial bubbles. Find out how to manage financial risk in an “everything bubble” economy, with Chris Vermeulen of the Technical Traders.

9. What Do We Do When the Dollar Dies?

Join me and Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics as we discuss strategies for what to do when the dollar dies.

10. Mining Stocks in Your Portfolio

If you love mining stocks, join Jerry Huang as we leverage his experience as a mining executive on how to invest in the sector. Examples provided. 

11. Preparedness as a Way of Life

Learn how to build a life of sustainability in times of crisis through education and action. Joining us is Daisy Luther from The Organic Prepper.

12. Save in Gold as Protection Against Currency Debasement

We speak with Jason Cozens, CEO of Glint Pay, regarding his perspective on gold in 2021. Will it respond to the global money printing?

Thank you so much for being a part of our Solutions 2021 Conference! We hope you enjoyed our speakers and their sessions, and that you were able to gain some important information to help you prepare for the upcoming financial crisis. If you enjoy this content, check out our free daily newsletter, our subscription based newsletter, and so much more on our website.

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