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The subscriptions offered are for either 6 months or 1 year full access to the site content. The subscription content includes the Golden Quarterly newsletter delivered 4 times per year, in addition to an extensive list of learning content through Gold Silver Pros University.

In addition, two additional member bonuses are provided upon subscribing:

  • An electronic copy of Robert’s book
  • Access to a set of calculators designed to assess your budget and asset risk, and provide a roadmap for investment into physical gold and silver.

Note that all visitors are provided with occasional free market research at no charge, which will also benefit the members.

The information is designed as a research aid and to help you steer clear of investments that have high risk to reward ratios.

All content is contained on this site and available once you login. Your login information is handled automatically at the time your payment is accepted.

The author does not make specific stock or any other investment recommendations, though he may, from time to time, do analysis of popular companies in addition to interviewing their management for your benefit. No guarantee of investment performance is given as no specific portfolio recommendations are made. The site provides deep analysis and research *only* to help educate your investment decisions.

The subscriptions are auto-renewed at this time and it is your responsibility to manage your subscriptions when they renew. No refunds are given if you forget to turn off your subscription before the auto-renew time occurs. Please make a note on your calendar to help remind you when your membership renewal date occurs.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

At this time we do not offer refunds. There is too much work and expense involved in providing refunds, and we are a small business. Keep in mind that we prefer to spend our time providing content for our users and not in administering payments for user accounts.

We use a top tier automated subscription system to keep your information safe. This saves all of us time, but it also comes at a very expensive cost to us.

If you need a refund for an extreme, unforeseen hardship, you mail email the site administrator with your reason. There are absolutely no guarantees that a refund will be provided.

Privacy Policy

At no time will site administration distribute or sell any information on any subscriber, including any personal information such as name, email address, or credit card information.

Client lists are never sold to marketing agents. No transaction information will be shared unless under the proper order of a court at law.

Transactions occur using strong modern encryption techniques and using well-known, established payment processors used by major US companies.

Site administration reserves the right to monitor general website activity of subscribers and the public for purposes of analyzing web traffic flow and to prevent potentially malicious users.

General Investment Disclaimer

The information contained herein is provided for informational, entertainment, and research purposes. No guarantees of performance, explicit or implied, are made.

The content is not to be construed as advertisement for any specific investment vehicle or company security. The administrators are not certified financial planners or licensed securities brokers.

Statements contained herein are designed to examine past events and data, and may use that knowledge to look at future potential events. These statements are not intended to be guarantees of future financial returns. They are only intended to present the viewer with information to be used in researching potential investment ideas. All financial decisions made based upon the information available at this site are the individual responsibility of each investor and not the site administration.

Copyright and Fair Use Policy

All content is copyright at time of publishing by the Gold Silver Pros administrators.

Any information contained within the member sections of this website are to be used by the subscriber and his immediately family members only. This information is not to be shared with any outside parties, linked to on the internet by anyone other than the site owner, or otherwise distributed beyond the immediate and local possession of the subscribing member during their subscription period. Users are not allowed to copy the content down to their computers, nor distribute via other means to any person not living in their household.

Fair use of publicly available research on this site, defined as that which does not require a paid subscription and is located in the ‘free research’ section (e.g., the Media Hub), should adhere to rules outlined in the Fair Use Laws in 17 USC § 107. Proper citation of the origin of the free content is required by the site owners as allowed by established laws.