About Us

Robert KientzI am Robert Kientz, the editor and publisher of Gold Silver Pros.com. Our premium (formerly paid)  subscriber digest  emphasizes long-term, cycle investing in the precious metals markets. I am also the author of the 2010 book, Drop Shadow: The Truth About the Economy.

My work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, NASDAQ.com, Seeking Alpha, Talk Markets, Stockhouse, Mining Feeds, APMEX, Gold$eek, Financial Sense, Technically Speaking, and Silver Doctors, among others.

My formal education consists of a Masters degree in Information Security and a B.Sc in Business Administration. I started in finance two decades ago receiving college instruction in accounting, finance, marketing, and global business.

In addition, I have completed government-issued financial license programs in the commodities, Forex, bonds, insurance, stocks, and precious metals markets.

Further, I have over 18 years experience as a real estate investor, having founded and run two companies in Texas that purchase, rent, manage, and sell investment real estate.

Gold Silver Pros

I started Gold Silver Pros in 2018 after writing on various other financial blogs for almost 10 years. All of our content is now published in this space, and we have extended the value of our work by adding a premium subscription news service focused on the precious metals markets.

Our research at Gold Silver Pros is based upon over 20 years of investment experience in the bond, stock, real estate, commodities, Forex, and precious metals markets. One of the key concepts I learned from a generation of investing is how to recognize bull market cycles, and how to focus one’s energy on specific investments designed to take advantage of these very rare opportunities.

Asset cycles can last for decades. The current gold asset cycle is the largest I have ever charted, and my service will show you how to capitalize on what I believe to be the biggest generational wealth pattern of our lifetimes.

Trend Analysis Successes

We have a very successful track record of predicting economic, political, and cultural trends. Below is a list of trend forecasts we have made and when, and whether the forecast has been fulfilled.

Confirmed forecasts

  1. 401k holders cannot retire on their stock investments  (Book, 2010)
  2. College education costs rise much higher than wages  (Book, 2010)
  3. College students will not find enough jobs  (Book, 2010)
  4. Company profits rise much faster than employee wages  (Book, 2010)
  5. Inflation will outpace wages (Book, 2010)
  6. CPI discredited as measure of inflation (Book, 2010)
  7. Social Security will be bankrupt  (Book, 2010)
  8. Rising medical costs due to socialist policies (Book, 2010)
  9. US debt growth will fail to deliver enough growth  (Book, 2010)
  10. Creditor nations will dump US debt and form alternative agreements  (Book, 2010)
  11. China prepares alternative currency to US dollar  (Book, 2010)
  12. More regulations, more corporate/government corruption (Book, 2010)
  13. Above-ground silver stocks bought out (Article, 2010)
  14. Chile a better emerging market than China or India  (Article, 2011)
  15. We will find more oil through technology, but there is a limit  (Article, 2012)
  16. Perpetual dollar printing is inevitable  (Article, 2012)
  17. Natural gas demand/production to explode  (Article, 2012)
  18. Explosion in security stocks due to cyber crime (Article, 2013)
  19. Telecom sector failures  (Article, 2017)
  20. Bitcoin fails to sustain highs, will not be widely traded currency  (Article, 2018)
  21. Silver price breakout coming   (Article, 2018)
  22. No value stocks left in the economy – overvalued market, will correct  (Article, 2018)
  23. Argentina currency will hyper-inflate again, IMF loans won’t work  (Article, 2018)
  24. Global yield curve inversion predicts world recession  (Article, 2018)
  25. Europe moves East, away from Western banking system  (Article, 2018)
  26. US dollar melt-up causes a stock market decline  (Article, 2018)  (note – this briefly came true in Q4 of 2018, then reversed course in 2019 as Fed cut rates. Fully realized March 2020 as market sees fastest 30% decline in history, and dollar index surges to three year high on worldwide dollar shortages.)
  27. Gold prices to rise in all world currencies  (Article, 2019)
  28. Gold price breakout in USD is coming   (Article, 2019)
  29. Most stocks are now a Ponzi scheme, stock market will crash  (Article 2019)   (Stocks crashed 30% for fastest time in history, including Great Depression, in Q1 2020.)
  30. Health insurance industry will collapse  (Article, 2019) (See chart here. Healthcare crashes 29.5% from Jan to March 2020).
  31. Economic bubbles will explode around the world  (Book, 2010)  (World stock markets crash 37.5% in March 2020, Click This for chart.)
  32. Auto market will crash  (IEC, 2019)

Forecasts in progress and pending

  1. Housing and other bubbles will pop bigger second time  (Book, 2010)
  2. US government will nationalize industrial companies and banks  (Book, 2010)
  3. US implements negative interest rates and digital money in banking system (Article, 2018)
  4. Silver price rises above that of gold, per ounce  (Article, 2010)
  5. US suffers crack up boom and death of current dollar   (Article, 2019)
  6. Aging demographics will hault US economic growth  (IEC, 2019)
  7. US political empire will fail just like Rome, Britain, others  (Subscriber Digest, 2019)
  8. World moves to cashless society  (Subscriber Digest, 2019)


Feel free to contact me at robert @ goldsilverpros . com (remove the spaces). Email feedback from our readers and subscribers is very important to us, as it helps us refine our message to suit our most precious commodity – you.