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I am Robert Kientz,

the editor and publisher of Gold Silver Pros.com. Our premium quarterly newsletter emphasizes long-term, cycle investing in the precious metals markets. I am also the author of the 2010 book, Drop Shadow: The Truth About the Economy

My work has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, NASDAQ.com, Seeking Alpha, Talk Markets, Stockhouse, Mining Feeds, APMEX, GoldSeek, Financial Sense, Technically Speaking, and Silver Doctors, among others.

My formal education consists of a Masters degree in Information Security and a B.Sc in Business Administration. I started in finance two decades ago receiving college instruction in accounting, finance, marketing, and global business.

In addition. I have completed government-issued financial license programs in the commodities, Forex, bonds, insurance, stocks, and precious metals markets.

Further, I have over 18 years experience as a real estate investor, having founded and run two companies in Texas that purchase, rent, manage, and sell investment real estate.

Gold Silver Pros

I started Gold Silver Pros in 2018 after writing on various other financial blogs for almost 10 years. All of our content is now published in this space, and we have extended the value of our work by adding a premium subscription news service focused on the precious metals markets.

Our research at Gold Silver Pros is based upon over 20 years of investment experience in the bond, stock, real estate, commodities, Forex, and precious metals markets. One of the key concepts I learned from a generation of investing is how to recognize bull market cycles, and how to focus one’s energy on specific investments designed to take advantage of these very rare opportunities.

Asset cycles can last for decades. The current gold asset cycle is the largest I have ever charted, and my service will show you how to capitalize on what I believe to be the biggest generational wealth pattern of our lifetimes.

Robert, thank you very much for the straight forward, accurate and concise information which you present. You are an anchor to gold & silver basics and the current situation when the markets of both gold & silver, and the miners are being slammed. It is great to have your reason and ability shine through the clutter.

Gary P.

    As a mother of a large family, I am very concerned about our world's economic future. Change is accelerating. I really appreciated the opportunity to speak with Robert one-on-one about those changes. His foresight into future trends based on his extensive knowledge was invaluable. I believe that I am now better prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

    Debbie B.

      I believe this is one of your best reports yet! Go to the head of the class! A+

      Kevin W.

        This is an outstanding video that was really thoroughly researched. Thanks so much for doing these videos, very informative.

        Jason T.

          This was VERY illuminating and relatively easy for a novice such as myself to follow. I've had my eye on a few juniors and am getting ready to dip my toe in these waters, so to speak, very soon. Thanks Rob and Godspeed!!!

          Gustavo G.

            Know exactly how to grow your wealth, avoid big market setbacks and prevent bad investment advice

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