Tier One Silver, bonanza grade silver, and gold in what looks to be a new, world-class silver mine.

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We recently spoke with Ivan Bebek, Co-Founder, and Peter Dembicki, President about their impressive silver project in Peru. Peru has long been known as a major player in the silver-mining space, and the Curibaya project, owned by Tier 1, is no exception. 

If there were a category above “bonanza” grade to describe the metal content, Tier 1’s rock samples would describe it. The area is very rich with both silver and gold precious metals, with an example being over 298 thousand grams per ton silver and 934 grams per ton gold.

Either of those results would be impressive on their own. The fact they occur together on the same property is quite astounding. It is not enough to say that the company has a good deposit that will attract plenty of investment. It is more appropriate to say the company may have found a game-changing asset that could put them amongst the silver mining elite. 

And what a good story for Peru, whose political class has recently been criticized for its approach to the mining sector. Like most investor community concerns around political regime changes, we believe the situation in Peru will end up much more amenable to the mining industry than some concerned observers believed. While the project has great fundamentals, the company is focused on building more shareholder value through exploration in 2021 and beyond. The sky may be the limit for their project, and it will be a thrilling future to watch.

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Check out my interview with Ivan Bebek, Co-Founder, and Peter Dembicki, President of Tier One Silver, cheers!

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