The Retail PM Buyer Is Scaring the Big Banks | Keith Neumeyer

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When we met with Keith this past week, he also provided his perspective on the derivatives markets. Keith is a supporter of the precious metals, but not so much the PM derivatives. In an interesting review of the markets, Keith intimates that their is something going on beneath the surface of the COMEX market.

Keith believes the retail investors are screwing up the plans of the big banks, and scaring them by holding onto their silver. It seems that investors have figured out not to be fooled by the paper investments GLD and SLV, and instead are seeking solace in this economy in physical metals.

Keith Neumeyer, the legend of the silver market, decided to start a gold mining outfit. And like First Majestic, First Mining Gold has some great assets. Good managers do this over and over.

First Mining Gold’s primary deposit is worth 5 times what the company’s price is trading at. And we haven’t even talked about their other property potential. This stock hasn’t even gotten started.

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