Why Silver is Going to The Moon & Uranium is About to Explode!

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One of our dedicated fans, who is an accredited investor, provides his research on why the uranium market is entering a major bull cycle. Steve Mueller presents research on the uranium market fundamentals, which includes a collection of new nuclear reactors coming online in different markets. His research also discusses in detail the under valuation of uranium compared to other energy products and investment markets.

Steve’s research points out clearly that on an inflation-adjusted basis, the upside of uranium is around $200. He points out that the market for uranium is very small compared to other popular investments, and for example China’s commitment to uranium over the next decade could move the uranium price by itself.

Steve discusses the relationship between uranium price and sector investment, and how a signal exists to predict when the price is going to rise. The current data is providing a rising price signal. Further, Internet search traffic on uranium indicates a rising interest by the public, and potentially investors as a subset of those searchers.

While we believe the bull thesis for uranium is strong, no analysis is complete without an assessment of the risks and competitors. Steven and I discuss energy competitors coal, oil, gas, renewables, and thorium. We also discuss the time frames in which the uranium story could play out to provide investors our perspective on the potential investment horizon for the sector. We thank Steve for his analysis and thoughtful commentary on the presentation. We also appreciate his contribution to the Gold Silver Pros community. The conversation shows that the Gold Silver Pros community includes well-educated, accredited investors possessing strong investment acumen.

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