Investors Can Make Easy Money from This Canadian Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain Canada
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We have an astounding set of admissions from Ed Moy, former US Mint Director. He stated that a) the gold prices were suppressed artificially from derivative trading on COMEX which did not involve physical gold, b) that the major mints (including Perth which we documented recently) had run out of gold, and c) that both he and Goldman had predicted gold to at least $2000 year, with his target being higher at $2100. 

This is a credible market participant, as a former US Mint Director, making these statements confirming what we have been saying about the market all year. And it is against this backdrop which we give you the escape hatch for your gold plan at a time when finding physical is much harder than it has been in 10 years. 

We bring a you another potential target for your mining stock portfolio today, Gold Mountain (TSX-V: GMTN & OTC: GMTNF)

Gold Mountain is a near-term gold producer aiming at 19,000 ounces in Q4 of this year. After paying off their debt in the first year, they will ramp up production eventually to 65k ounces per year. Therefore, we expect two potential big price jumps first as production commences, and then after they ramp production after having no debt overhead. 

The project economics are very favorable, with an after-tax NPV of $231 million at significantly lower gold prices than we see today. With Ed Moy’s assessment of physical gold shortages leading to a scarcity of physical, near-term gold producers like Gold Mountain in a top tier mining district give you plenty of options for playing this bull gold market. 

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