Silver Is Within Days of Epic Breakout | Lior Gantz

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Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group stops by to give his views on the markets and which assets he likes the best. We start with an overview of the market and why inflation is high. We discuss Fed policy, the potential breakdown of the dollar from 90, and what is likely next for the economy. Lior is bullish on real estate, cryptos such as Bitcoin, gold, silver, and certain undervalued tech stocks due to the 90 million Millennials coming into their prime earning and spending years.

While Lior is right in the short to medium term on his calls, we have concerns over what happens when the debt system breaks down when governments can’t carry any more. In light of the Biden administration’s proposed $6 trillion budget, the observer should assume we are in the last stages of the current debt system’s life. It will be interesting to follow the progression until the next debt collapse and how gold and silver outperform certain other assets based upon the debt-based fiat money creation system.

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