Jeff Christian Calls WSS Followers Low Grade People

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Jeff Christian had a debate with Happy Hawaiian (HH) of Wall Street Silver, with Cory of Korelin report today. I watched the interview and this video sums my thoughts.

Those of you who have followed me know that I have covered Jeff Christian’s views on the precious metals markets before.

This interview was not a debate; Jeff hand picked his opponent and the moderator, Cory, with whom he has had a friendly relationship for 10 years. There was no independent debate moderator present. Also, HH was too soft in this interview, in my opinion.

Jeff showed incredible disdain for WallStreet Silver, calling them “low grade people”. Jeff also attacked Alasdair McLeod, and took an elitist stance by protecting the bullion banks, exchanges, and all of the wealthy traders on COMEX.

Jeff also admitted to market manipulation, but tried to push it off to prior to 2010 even thought he numerous record finds in the space occurred within the last year.

In general, I believe Jeff is not an objective observer of the precious metals markets, and neither is the CPM group. I think you will find my thoughts on this “debate” very revealing.

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