The Perth Mint is Running a Fractional Reserve Metals Scheme

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As promised, in this video I’ll go deep into uncovering truths about the Perth Mint.

More over, an analysis of the Perth Mint Financials since 2018 by a chartered accountant shows that the Perth mint is running a fractional reserve precious metals business.

As well, while the Perth Mint is not technically insolvent, they are liquid and subject to the risk of a run on the metals should customers substantially increase their redemption.

Most importantly, here are some highlights:

  • The Perth Mint has lent out a lot of precious metals since 2018, and not been paid for it.
  • Their financials show a deficit of allocated, pooled, and unallocated metals stocks against this lending.
  • If there is a run on the mint, the company cannot meet redemptions with enough metal or cash.
  • The mint is showing a NET SHORT of vaulted metal against customer accounts + lendings.
  • The metal lent is at fair value, indicating a future settlement date, increasing the risk for the mint on a price and liquidity basis.
  • The ETF metals might be used to cover delivery obligations, but their financials are not clear on the matter.

Access our Google Drive Folder with The Perth Mint Annual Report PDF and Perth Mint – AFS Analysis Sheet

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