Silver Will Trade at Multiples of its All-Time High | Jim McDonald

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Jim McDonald, President, and CEO of Kootenay Silver comes to the show to talk about the main catalyst of why Silver is so interesting given its current industrial demand.

Silver will reach $30 this year and pass its all-time high of $50 an ounce next.

As well, he discusses Kootenay’s multiple promising silver projects in Mexico. The company is advancing several projects at once, each with the potential to be a game-changer for the company.

About my guest

Jim McDonald has more than 30 years of combined technical and financial experience in the mining sector. He co-founded and successfully developed National Gold (which merged with Alamos Minerals) to form Alamos Gold. Today he is a founder of Kootenay Silver Inc. and a co-founder and director of Northern Vertex Mining Corp.

Above all, over the 3 years, I have known Jim and followed Kootenay, I can say that I have not found a more honest and transparent mining management group. Kootenay is a name you can trust.

You can find them on the TSX.V (KTN) and OTC (KOOYF)

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