Why the Silver Shortage is a Point of Liberation | John Adams

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In this video, we welcome John Adams from “John Adams Economics”, who has tirelessly provided his research on economics and precious metals.

Firstly, we begin by discussing the reasons why we are in the precious metals industry on the macro-level.

Secondly, we go deep on Why the Silver Shortage is a Point of Liberation and this is what he has to say:

” The Silver Crisis is a point of liberation. If gold and silver prices were to go free it could result in a huge change in the financing of the current global political structure and if that were to collapse, humanity would reconstruct a new political structure that could take us in a whole different direction. That’s the real story. “

– John Adams, Gold Silver Pros YouTube Show, April 2021.

About my guest

Above all, John Adams’s experience working in the Australian government has afforded him a very unique insight into the economic problems we face. In conclusion, his work has led him to the same safety net we all have found in precious metals.

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Lastly, I invite you to watch the full YouTube video, and if you like the content subscribe for more.


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