Why $2 Trillion in Infrastructure Spend is Bullish for Gold Exploration | Portofino Resources

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After a nice weekend in Las Vegas with friends and family, we are back to talk about PM business.

David Tafel & Stephen Wilkinson from Portofino Resources, a Vancouver-based Canadian company focused on exploring and developing mineral resource projects in the Americas, discuss with me the upcoming 2 trillion dollars in infrastructure spending and how that is bullish for gold and lithium.

Second, we talked about gold exploration, and how their current projects will make the bottom line on gold sales more attractive to investors. Is my believe that early stage gold exploration will drive immense value in a market in which we are reaching a critical gold shortage in a few short years.

Geophysical, sampling program in Argentina this February ©  Portofino Resources

Portofino Resources is developing several gold projects at Red Lake near Great Bear’s Dixie project. And they are finding lithium in a major Argentine district known for its lithium deposits. The company expects that their gold projects will find plenty of silver, copper, and even iron. The byproducts from these mines will make the bottom line on the gold sales more attractive to investors.

Lastly, I invite you to watch, the information explained in this video is perfect for those wanting to balance their portfolio with early-stage gold, silver, and copper exploration. also, those that want some diversity in a green, battery metal like lithium which is in a bull market of its own.

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