Mad Rush of Silver Being Pulled Off of the Market

mad rush silver blue lagoon
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We start by looking at the silver market, including COMEX, international exchanges, and the ETFs. We see millions of ounces being pulled collectively off the market starting about 6 weeks ago.

This rush to physical coincides with the #silversqueeze movement that we began to talk about in very late January and early February. While mainstream media tried to convince you that the movement was over, the silver redemptions from across the world are telling us the truth.

We believe investors are rushing to silver because it is more affordable for a wider swatch of purchasers; and we present reputable data backing up the enormous increase of investor demand for 2020 and expected to continue into 2021.

What will likely happen after the liquid silver dries up at current prices will be investors turning to gold. We spent the last 3 videos on the YT channel discussing gold for this purpose. Not only are the macro-economic factors positive for gold, but the investment factors seem to be lining up as well.

We also bring you back to a gold-silver-copper miner that is nearing a mining decision on it’s main property, Dome Mountain. Blue Lagoon Resources operates 4 properties in British Columbia, which is a major mining jurisdiction. They are expecting to make a mine decision on their flagship property later summer / early fall. This puts them square on the sweetest point of the Lasonde curve for mining stocks. We examine why we are bullish on this stock and why it would be worthwhile for you to do your due diligence on them.

You can find them on the CSE (BLLG), OTC market (BLAGF), or the Frankfurt (7BL).

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