Critical FOMC Meeting to Determine Bond and Gold Direction

phoenix gold bond rates
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The FOMC has a critical meeting this week to address what many market observers see as a growing conflict between easy money policy and economic growth. Banks such as Bank of America and Goldman Sachs feel as though GDP expectations should be higher than the Fed’s outdated predictions, and require the Fed to announce more a more bullish tone.

However, the recent rise in 10 and 30 year Treasury rates is signaling market expectations of inflation on the horizon. The Fed has to be careful they don’t ease too much that they stoke an episode of runaway inflation.

To do so would be to bring up rates across the Treasuries complex, putting .GOV in a precarious position of higher debt costs at a time when Congress is releasing record spending bills one after the other.

We also return you to our review of gold exploration companies, this time bringing you another promising polymetallic explorer with ample targets for gold, silver, copper and zinc. Each of the metals are in a bull market, and project such as these bode well for investor returns over time as long as the company produces positive news on drilling and exploration.

It helps that Phoenix Gold Resources has two projects in major mining districts with existing production history. This is not a greenfield investment opportunity; rather one is investing in the company restarting past producing mines in major mining districts where metals are in a much more favorable bull price cycle.

You can find Phoenix gold on the TSXV (PXA) and on the US OTC market (PGRCF).

This video was conducted on behalf of Phoenix Gold, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC. For our full disclaimer, please visit:

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