Debunking the Jeff Christian Interview with Kitco

debunk jeff christian cpm group
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My mailbox has been overheating in the last week with people asking me for comments on the interview Kitco did with Jeff Christian at the CPM group.

Instead of handling all of those questions separately, which would have taken an inordinate amount of time, I decided to do a video address the points made.

I am calling this a debunking because, after reviewing the video and looking at the facts and data, I disagreed with almost everything the guest said during the interview.

I look at the first 11 minutes or so and analyze all of the guests main points, using data and references to public documents from well known and reputable sources.

Essentially, anyone watching that interview, or at least the first 11 minutes, would have been completely mislead as the mechanics of the market, the intent of those attempting to short squeeze the silver market, and the amount of freely available silver in both COMEX and London vaults.

All of which leads to the inevitable question: who would believe this guest, or his company, on anything he says about the precious metals market? And why?

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