Inflation Fears Rise as Bond Yields Surge

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Inflation expectations are up, according to a Reuters article, which has led to a rise in bond yields and historically terrible performance of the latest Treasury auction.

The government is seeing it harder to issue debt as investors wary of taking on so much debt at low rates, and demand higher yields.

We answer a viewer question about inflation, showing how inflation is much higher than reported by government, when compared apples to apples back to 1980.

Further, commodity prices are surging to 5 year highs per the Bloomberg commodity index. And we show how we are at a 50 year low on the commodity to S&P ratio, indicating a massive commodity price bull market is just beginning.

What this means is higher prices for goods and services that we use everyday. A major *PRICE* inflation wave is coming, at the same time *economic output* is in a deflationary trend. Yes this is possible, and has happened in history before.

Lastly, we look at the upcoming March silver delivery date starting tomorrow to see how much silver may be physically delivered on the futures market in the upcoming month.

If investors continue to pull inventory off the market at these paces, soon COMEX will have none left to delivery and the market becomes illegitimate in many traders eyes.

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