Silver to Lead New Commodity Bull Cycle

silver lead bull cycle
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I meet with Lior Gantz, owner of Wealth Research Group, to discuss what he calls the new commodity bull cycle.

He believes the cycle began on the lows last spring brought on by the shutdowns, where many commodity prices bottomed.

Commodities such as oil and silver are now in solid uptrends and will lead the way in the face of increasing worldwide demand.

Lior also points out that the world wide demand for real estate will go up as Millennials begin to move out of their parent’s homes and into their own. He believes there has not been enough building to accommodate the longer term needs.

Lior discusses the recent silver squeeze, and his view on what will really put the silver market into a deeper deficit in coming years. Those drivers will benefit silver investors because silver has few substitutes and continues to grow in worldwide demand.

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You can see Lior’s report on his website:…

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