Real Silver is Dangerously Close to Being Unobtainable

silver unobtainable
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Today’s video covers the looming shortage of real physical silver. We dive into the London numbers to try and determine how much is really available, and not already claimed by some ETF or other contract.

We also discuss the 4 week inflow numbers into the COMEX plus ETFs and silver funds, which is over 124 million ounces. If we have another month like that, silver is basically unobtainable in the market at this price.

The fact that 3400+ tons is being accumulated by the market at prices in the mid-20s indicates the market thinks silver is priced too cheaply, and will continue to take it off the market.

In these circumstances, silver’s price MUST rise to meet the current demand. And we talk about why future demand is going to continue to increase unabated.

Ronan’s article referenced:…

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