Gold Buyers Accumulate While the Winston Gold & Silver Success Story Continues

winston gold silver
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While the silver squeeze is gathering all of the attention, quietly investors are accumulating gold. We look at the gold flow numbers and show that investors are using the pullback as an opportunity to accumulate.

Gold looks to be forming the handle to the cup formation that we predicted so many months ago. While it does that another prediction we made months ago has been coming true.

Winston Gold, a miner with a promising gold AND silver project in Montana, has been busy drilling and rehabilitating a nearby mill to get ready for production.

And their latest news result shows that the gold and silver they are recovering are very healthy at today’s precious metals prices. At a time when silver shortages are enrapturing the world, we have a US-based miner that is pulling it up at just the time we are expecting both gold and silver to resume their bull markets.

You can find Winston Gold on the CSE (WGC)  and on the OTCs (WGMCF) here in the US. You can find their website here: 

You can purchase gold, store it safely, and use a debit card to spend your gold anytime you want. For more information, visit Glint Pays and use referral code goldsilverpros.​​​

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