Massive Silver Inflows as We Move to the Great Reset

massive silver great reset
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We discuss the massive amount of investment moving into physical silver in the COMEX, SLV, and several other silver funds. Large players are stockpiling silver for industrial and investment purposes.

As we move further into the technical economy through to the space economy, silver will be absolutely indispensable. The smart money knows this, and this is the reason they are accumulating it.

At the same time, futures action to the short side is keeping prices affordable for the accumulators. This is the time you want to buy silver if you agree with us that the future for this metal is very bright.

We discuss how the shutdowns from last year have not only led to the inflation we talked about last week, but also caused major backups in product deliveries across the world. The increase in transportation prices will add fuel to the inflation fire.

We finally turn our attention to the Great Reset, noting the launch of the World Economic Forum’s event. As we get nearer the Great Reset, expect more pressure on fiat currencies including the dollar, continued shortages of food and other key goods, and much higher prices.

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