EB Tucker: Why Gold Should Be Your Solution for 2021

EB Tucker Gold 2021
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EB Tucker and Gold Silver Pros discuss why gold and why now. EB explains his rationale for the book and why he is bullish on gold. 

We discuss why he favors the royalty investment over individual miners, and also his views on how much gold exposure one should own. 

We also discuss his view on the spending coming to the American economy, and what it means for commodity prices which have begun to rise.He believes that the new administration will be a weak dollar administration, thereby increasing the prices for real goods over debt instruments and American currency. This rise is affecting quality and price of good, such as food items. 

EB explains his view on the differences between Bitcoin and gold, and why Bitcoin is a more speculative investment class while gold is really money and can be used to protect wealth. 

You can protect against price inflation by purchasing gold. To purchase gold with Glintpay, go to https://glintpay.com/goldsilverpros and use referral code “goldsilverpros” on the app.

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