Definitive Research Proving Peak Gold and a Gold Price Explosion

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It’s time for our 2021 preview for both the gold and gold stocks. We provide tons of interesting research showing that:

2019-2020 money creation dwarfs gold and silver mined

2019-2020 investable gold and silver bullion amount to pennies per world population

Gold and silver are still in an uptrend of the megacycle

Stocks are severely overvalued when compared with popular gold/silver miners

We also discuss why it is very likely that we have reached peak gold production for at least the next 30 years, for these reasons:

We have not found deposits rivaling Witwatersrand or Grasberg to replenish word reserves

Our current gold mines are producing much less gold per deposit, requiring more and more smaller gold fields to be mined

CAPEX on exploration and development has never recovered to 2011 numbers, and as a result:

World gold reserves fall off of a cliff starting in 2028 through AT LEAST 2039.

In order to increase reserves to keep gold current gold production, massive amounts of spending needs to occur so that miners may find new deposits. 

Those deposits will necessarily be smaller, with more costs per ounce, setting a floor under future gold prices at much higher levels than they are at now.

This is extremely bullish for gold, and gold stocks, for the next 20 years. Meaning, gold is about to enter a new massive uptrend in its current mega cycle. The scale of which will astonish investors like never before. 

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