Physical Silver Shortage Brewing and Gold’s 2021 Outlook

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We met with Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics to discuss the current uncertainty in the political system, and how this may affect financial markets in 2021. 

We discuss next options for the political process in the wake of a disputed election in which the elections process has come under fire.

We discuss the new revelations in the missing money, and how much the government is probably printing, along with how the transmission mechanism works. 

It is probable that the shutdowns reduced monetary velocity and any potential for a dollar crisis given how much money has been dumped into the US economy. 

We discuss how this has affected Bitcoin prices in 2020, as well as the outlook for gold and silver next year. 

We also discuss the apparent silver shortages Rob is seeing on any order of size in the market, and whether this is the path gold will take next year as the financial situation of the US worsens. 

You can find Rob’s work here:

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