Understanding the Mining Money Game is Critical to Investors’ Success

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We speak with good friend Jerry Huang, Principal at Jemini Capital. Jerry has spent many years as CFO of two mining industry companies before starting Jemini Capital, a mining finance and marketing company. 

Jerry gives us an in depth walk-through of the primary financing models that mining companies use to move through their lifecycle. These include private placements, warrants, and retail stock purchases. 

We also go over the lifecycle of mining companies, pointing out where investor *SWEET SPOTS* are. 

This information is critically important that the mining investor understand in order to effectively navigate their investments in gold and silver miners. 

It is not as simple as purchasing a share of stock. Investors should understand whether companies are making good financial decisions and how those decisions affect their balance sheet. 

Further, investors need to be able to guage when it is time to get out of a particular position in their portfolio. This information will help makes those decisions MUCH easier. 

We use several real world mining stock examples to discuss how the finance process works, end to end. And we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of royalty and streaming deals. 

Stocks discussed:

MAG Silver – (MAG)

Reyna Silver – (RSNVF)

BARU Gold Corp (formerly East Asian Minerals) – (BARU)

Great Bear Resources – (GBR and GTBAF)

Impact Silver – (IPT and ISVLF)

Fresnillo – (FNLPF)

**Please note that this is an ENCORE presentation from our conference, the Monetary Metals Summit, which occurred on Aug 6-7, 2020. **

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