CFTC Failures Lead to Massive Market Manipulation

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We discuss the history of where CFTC got its powers to regulate the precious metals markets including gold and silver, along with all other commodities exchanges.

We discuss how despite Congress passing appropriate laws, the CFTC’s ability to set position limits on trades has failed repeatedly.

The opposition to the CFTC boils down to huge commercial and financial interests, an activist district court, and a weak Commissioner who openly subverted CFTC authority on the markets.

We show many studies, available on the CFTC’s website, that show failure to enforce position limits has led to increased price volatility in food, agrigulture, and metals markets.

And we show further how the swap dealers and financial firms use the spot market to control prices for up to two years with relative ease.

We discuss why the most recent rules promulgated by the CFTC on October 15, 2020, are toothless and work in the favor of the commerical firms, especially the swap dealers.

This video provides irrefutable evidence that market manipulation occurs, who is likely doing it, and why it has been allowed to occur.

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Download the PDF of the presentation here: GSPros CFTC Position Limits –12-20– PDF

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