Blue Lagoon Aggressively Expanding Their Gold Ounces in 2021

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Today we meet with Rana Vig, CEO and Director of Blue Lagoon Resources, a gold exploration company in British Columbia. 

The flagship project, Dome Mountain, currently has 81,000 ounces of gold at 15.78 g/t, and 149,000 ounces inferred at 10.09 g/t. 

This is with only 1 of 15 known veins explored, so the company is embarking on an ambitious 20,000 meter drilling program in 2021 to expand its known resource. 

The project is a brownfield, with $68 million in past exploration and development work already completed and a 43-101 compliant technical report. 

In addition, the company has two other projects, including the Pellaire gold project with a 43-101 technical report indicating 10 mineralized gold and silver quartz veins. 

Pellaire has 24,000 tonnes of stockpiled, mineralized rock that can be processed with no additional permitting required, so it is easy money. 

And with copper recently hitting a 7 year high price of $3.52, Blue Lagoon Resources also has a copper/moly porphery project just a stone’s throw from Dome Mountain. The historical 43-101 report indicates 686,000,000 pounds of high grade copper and an inferred resource of an additional 64 million pounds copper. 

This company has all sorts of optionality, and the Pellaire stockpile should provide additional funds for the company to continue their Dome Mountain development in 2021. 

The most exciting thing about an early stage development company is the boost to share price they get as resource expansion news comes out, per the Lassonde curve we discuss so often on the show. 

Therefore, the upcoming drill program is expected to drive enormous potential value to share holders. 

You can find Blue Lagoon on the CSE (BLLG), US OTC market (BLAGF), and on the Frankfurt stock exchange (7BL).

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