Plan Now For Economic Risks Using Gold & Silver

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We spend the first few minutes reviewing the gold and silver futures market trade. We still see heavy deliveries of both metals to start of December, confirming earlier predictions.

We are also in a nice uptrend for the price which is a nice confirmation on direction of the rebound. However, both gold and silver had key resistance lines they need to punch through to confirm the next leg up. We are not there yet.

The rest of the video is a thorough discussion of portfolio risk management, where we provide an absolutely free tool you can use to plan your gold and silver portfolio. This tool also provides a way to estimate your net worth and cash flows, which are crucial in managing risk in your investments.

We explain how to personalize your portfolio and to use risk management to guide your purchases of precious metals.

And the brilliant news is you likely need much less gold and silver than you think to protect yourself as the coming debt collapse gets closer. So please use our free tool to get on a plan, execute it, and relax and enjoy your life.


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