Miners Are Leading the Gold and Silver Rally

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We go over the gold and silver futures data on the COMEX and outline how the trade is going the way of the metals today.

We also discuss the upcoming resistance lines for both gold and silver that should be challenged this week. If price action to the upside continues through those points, we could be in for a legitimate gold and silver rally to end the year.

We also show where the major gold and silver stock indexes are very positive over the last week, and leading the precious metals rally.

We discuss the most important aspect of this rally, which is the strong early December physical deliveries in both gold and silver on the COMEX exchange.

Lastly, we provide news on coming stimulus package, reportedly expected to be passed by December 11th, which should fuel the precious metals fires well into 2021. Money printing is usually very bullish for the metals in the medium term (3-6 months).

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