Gold & Silver Smashed While Cryptos Explode

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We discuss how the futures market is being used to smash down gold and silver spot market prices. We go over the last 5 days of data and trace the move for you. 

This is being done to keep gold and silver cheap ahead of the fast upcoming December delivery month, in which we believe a lot of gold and silver will be pulled off of the market and put into private hands. 

At the same time, the entire top 50 of the crypto complex is being big up at once, with an absurd 5.25% average move across the top 50 in only 24 hours. 

Over the last month, XRP has led with over a 170% gain, while Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others have also had very healthy gains. 

We review futures data in both Bitcoin and XRP and explain how those leveraged futures markets are being used to bid up those crypto currencies. 

We believe the reason is to legitimize the crypto currencies ahead of the impending global dollar and debt crisis in which fiat currencies begin to crash and are eventually retired from currency in circulation. 

All of this is part of the plan to implement sovereign crypto currencies on top of the current fiat cash regimes, and move the world into a cashless society. 

This ties with our previous research on negative interest rates in the bank and debt markets as a way to control the outcome of the eventual massive bond defaults coming in the global economy. 

This is one of the most important videos we have ever produced, as we tie together various parts of our research. But we are not done yet, much more is to come as the system continues to change.

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