Nevada King Expands Its Stake on the Premier US Gold Mining Trend

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We bring you an exciting company that owns a huge amount of land in Nevada, the largest gold producing state in the US (78%) which also provides 5% of the world’s total gold output. 

Nevada King Mining Ltd is one of the top claim holders in all of Nevada, formed from a combination of the similarly named private company and Victory Metals (TSX-V: VMX). 

The combined company will have two development stage assets, Atlanta and Ironpoint, as well as a huge amount of staked land on which exploration has yielded some very promising results. 

The company’s combined assets cover 5,985 claims on the Battle Mountain Trend, the most prolific gold trend in the US’ most prolific gold producing state. 

The value here lies in the ability for the company to expand its asset base by developing the properties, as well as holding land that many gold producers are going to want to get their hands on. 

The reality is that most good gold land in Nevada is now claimed, and to get it, producers are likely to going to have to go through Nevada King. 

The management team is very well put together combination of finance, geology, and operations experience. Paul Matysek has had 5 successful company exists already, and has the experience to propel Nevada King forward. 

You can find more on the company’s website here:


This video was produced on behalf of Nevada King Mining and funded by Gold Standard Media LLC (a marketing company). 

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