The World Debt Collapse Just Started in China

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We discuss the massive amount of public debt accumulating in the world, and how this has never been seen or dealt with before. 

We discuss the massive amount of debt in the US, and how in debt-to-GDP numbers, it is highest since WWII. 

We also talk about how the spending deficit is also highest since WWII. 

The US is setup for a massive debt collapse, but it will not start here. News this week indicates it will start in China with defaults by several of their State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). 

We also review several articles from the CFR, BIS, and IMF warning of the impending collapse in the system and how policy makers have very little power to control what comes next. 

All of this coming on the heals of Fed Chair Powell this week telling us the old economy is dead and we are never going back to it. 

He is right, of course. And this is why we have gold and silver – to protect us from the economic collapse coming. 

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