Braveheart Resources: Copper Gold Tier 1 Mine Coming Online

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We meet today with Ian Berzins, CEO and Director of Braveheart Resources. Braveheart has a near-term, past producing brownfield project which it intends to bring online in the next year. 

The company is also acquiring a secondary project in another Tier 1 district in Canada that has vast potential for copper, gold, silver, nickel, platinum, and palladium resource that it expects to develop over the next few years. 

Both projects have multiple base and precious metals which provide an advantage over single asset and single resource producers. 

The Bull River project has an astounding expected IRR of 92% with only about $6 million needed to get the project running. 

Both mines sit on established infrastructure and have received regulatory support. Both projects also have significant amounts of previous capital in them which reduces substantially the amount of work Braveheart has to put in them. 

In addition to good projects and jurisdictions, the management team is experienced in these types of mines in these areas. Investors have every reason to be confident that the company intends to bring these projects to production and has the experience to do so. 

Braveheart Resources Trades on the TSX (BHT) and the OTC market (RIINF). 

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