Fed Chair Powell Declares Old Economy Dead

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We discuss the current status of the gold and silver price, and discuss a new trend we are seeing in the futures trade. 

What happened this summer, on risk of economic deflation, was a run up in the gold and silver price. Gold bolted through all time highs, and silver touched on a critical $30 price point. 

Then the smash downs came in the paper futures market in order to keep both gold and silver spot prices under control while physical deliveries continued to strengthen unabated. 

The existing pattern of comex market trades include the physical deliveries driving stronger prices in the first week of each delivery  month are met by price smashes.

But the new part of the pattern is the rollover of massive open interest to futures delivery months in a rolling wave of shorting designed to keep the long term gold and silver price contained as the physical metal is drained off the market. 

This scheme will end when physical metals are exhausted, and we have already shown data indicating shortages are already occurring. 

We also update you on Fed Chairman Powell’s pessimistic outlook on the economy and the Fed’s pledge to never stop easing to support it. 

We also bring you statements from Softbank’s CEO that he is preparing for the worst in the economy. 

All signs lead to continued economic deflation in 2021 as a continuation of what we see in 2020. 

And the black swan will most likely still be a commercial bank failure that sets off the dominoes in the global debt markets leading to collapse of the current fiat system. 

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