Clear Evidence that Gold and Silver Smashes are Less Effective

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We go over the gold and silver futures market data and show you how the longs are getting closer to winning the battle against the bullion banks, who continue to periodically smash the market. 

The market smashes, however, are becoming much less effective as bigger players are coming into the gold market. 

Russia just announced that it’s National Wealth Fund (NWF) will be adding precious metals to its portfolio. This happened on the heals of Russia’s Finance Minister announcing he sees gold as more stable going forward than other financial assets. 

We also have a report of 1 bank buying all available 1000 oz silver bars from Andrew Maguire, who is a guest on my friend Chris Marcus’ Arcadia Economics channel. 

We believe the gold and silver shorts are weakening, and the impending new economic lockdowns are extremely bullish for gold and silver. 

We provide quite a bit of data that the service industry is deflating worldwide and how this portends a new round of economic deflation. 

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