tether ponzi scheme bitcoin pt 2
How Tether’s Ponzi Scheme May Damage Bitcoin, Part 2
November 7, 2020
gold rush, west african mine
A Gold Rush is Coming to this West African Mine
November 11, 2020

Gold & Silver Slammed While The Mining Stocks Report Record Earnings

gold and silver, mining stocks report record earnings

We discuss why the media story of gold and silvers drop today has nothing to do with reality. 

We cover the massive short contract slam that started early this morning and continued unabated, dropping both metals by about 5% in a single day. 

Exactly as we predicted, we see the Q3 earnings reports out with several companies reporting record earnings. 

The mining stocks have seen strong appreciation since October, and today’s weakness will not last as more miners report their record breaking earnings at these metals prices. 

Stay strong and don’t be shaken from this market. The fundamentals in support of higher gold and silver still exist. 

And the technical indicators are still bullish for both metals, despite today’s price hammering. 

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