2020 Election Special: Presidential Election Outcomes & The Great Reset

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We discuss the upcoming election Tuesday night with Alex Newman of Liberty Sentinal Media. Alex is a returning guest, first joining us at our Monetary Metals Online Conference we held back in August. 

We discuss what the potential outcomes of the election are based on the polling results we have seen. We also discuss the schemes coming out publicly that are being used to manipulate the election through ballet stuffing and other means. 

We discuss the deep state as part of the Trump administration and how they  have not been supporting Trump’s attempts to “drain the swamp”. 

We also discuss how the new Supreme Court justices nominated by Trump could be unexpected trojan horses should he turn to them to rule on an election dispute. 

We discuss the potential implications on the economy for either a Trump or Biden win, including civil unrest during a disputed election result. 

We discuss the socialist agenda, including Biden’s comments during the last debate on shutting down oil and gas without a viable alternative. This would likely destroy the economy and send us back to pre-industrialized society. 

Perhaps most importantly, we tie the socialist platform to the Great Reset planned by the IMF and World Economic Forum. 

There is much more in this interview that is crucial to understanding the potential outcomes of this very important Presidential Election cycle. Don’t miss this one!

You can find more of Alex’s work at his website, Liberty Sentinel:


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