Calling Down the Thunder In New Gold Exploration

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We are running out of below ground gold resources across the world. We show two charts: junior finance mining and gold discoveries to prove our point.

The next lucrative frontier of gold mining stocks are new explorers, because they will be finding the gold we will mine in the next few years.

In an era of deflation and elevated debt default risks, investors will begin fleeing the exits in the financial system to gold and silver.

But who will be providing those new gold ounces that investors are looking for? Exploration companies will be.

Today we discuss Great Thunder Gold who is mining in Quebec, Canada. They are on-trend to a very successful series of mines and new discoveries.

And they have the option to spin out some lithium plays that could benefit current shareholders.

They are early stage, which means potential for very healthy profits for early investors at the precise time at which we desperately need more gold exploration to find more gold ounces.

You can find more information on their website here:

DISCLOSURE: This video was produced on behalf of Great Thunder Gold and funded by Gold Standard Media LLC (a marketing company). For the full disclaimer, please visit:…


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