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October 22, 2020
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High Grade Gold Mine Capitalizes on Surging Gold Price

Gold Mine Capitalizes on Surging Gold Price

The In Gold We Trust Report from Incrementum provides us two key charts for the gold bull market:

What is potentially the biggest commodity supercycle since 1900 is about to begin, and the gold bull market we are in is still very young when compared with past bull markets.

This bodes well for gold and silver investors. And with that in mind, we have found a new gold mining company that is poised to capitalize big time on the coming gold supercycle.

New Found Gold is mining along a very established zone with existing projects, and is backed by some major players including Rob McEwen and Eric Sprott.

They have $75 million in cash and are drilling 100k meters through 2021. Their initial drill results are very good, including some very promising stream and rock samples from surface.

They trade on the TSX-V under NFG and the OTC markets in the US under the ticker NFGFF.

Incrementum Report:…

New Found Gold 43-101 Technical Report:…


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