David Morgan silver fedcoin
David Morgan on Silver’s Potential and What’s Coming With Fedcoin
October 22, 2020
Gold Mine Capitalizes on Surging Gold Price
High Grade Gold Mine Capitalizes on Surging Gold Price
October 26, 2020

Europe Regulation of Private Crypto and State Issued Digital Currency

Europe regulation digital currency

We discuss the European Commission’s plan to regulate the digital ledger technology and cryptos in Europe.

The plan includes regulation of all DLT based assets, private crypto currencies, and crypto based assets and markets in all their forms.

They also apply for a trademark on the “Digital Euro” a they explore establishment of the European Central Bank state issued cryptocurrency.

The chances that European nations will ever have their own, sovereign currencies again are effectively dead.

Europeans appear to be headed for an era of complete technocratic rule of their markets and political systems.

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