Rich YUGE Gold and Silver price spike
Rich Moving Into Gold & Silver Demand is Predicting a “YUGE” Price Spike
October 14, 2020
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Fall 2020 Golden Quarterly Newsletter
October 18, 2020

Fed Admission Intervention May Never Stop Supports Coming Massive Gold Move

fed admission intervention

We go back to the precious metals today, and review October’s trading in both gold and silver on the COMEX.

We review the physical deliveries which are not only strong, but have continued the monthly delivery pattern that we have seen during all of 2020.

The physical deliveries trends in both gold and silver points to a hot December month for the futures markets.

We also go over shocking admissions by two Federal Reserve members that they may never be able to stop manipulating the treasury and stock markets without crashing both.

This admission is extremely bullish for gold and silver in the medium term time frame (6-18 months).

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