Montana Gold Company Rushes to Produce Gold at 100% Margins

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Winston Gold Corp is a near term gold producer here in the US in mining friendly Montana. They have their mill almost completely ready to process gold and may only be 2-3 months away from their first gold pour.

The company is being headed by Joseph Carraba, former Newmont Executive who quite his job at Newmont to lead Winston and become it’s largest shareholder.

The company has an expected cash cost of $850 per ounce, which leaves a healthy amount of room for profit on gold which is trading at about $1900 per ounce right now.

The project has all the required permits and the company does not have any near term roadblocks to production.

It will not take long before other investors in the market see the potential of Winston Gold Corp and its ability to create near term cash for its gold assets. I don’t expect the price to stay this low for very long.

You can purchase shares on the Canadia Stock Exchange under the symbol WGC, and on the American OTC market under the symbol WGMCF.

For more information, visit their webpage at:

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