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Gold’s “Last Puke” Before the Next Leg of the Bull Run
October 9, 2020
Montana Gold Company 100%
Montana Gold Company Rushes to Produce Gold at 100% Margins
October 13, 2020

Investors Are Pouring Money into Mining Stocks Looking for Deals

brien lundin investors mining stocks

I am joined by Brien Lundin who is running the New Orleans Investment Conference, taking place online October 14-17, 2020. Brien and I discuss a range of subjects leading up to his conference, including:

Federal Reserve policy on lending and interest rates, and what is means for the economy

Outlook for gold and silver, including how the US Presidential election may affect the metals

Why investors pouring money into the mining stock sector means potential for rising returns


We will be at the conference and look forward to seeing you there. You can register by going to: New Orleans Investment Conference

The New Orleans investment conference is one of the most respected events of the year, and Gold Silver Pros is proud to be a participant.

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