How the Massive Gold & Silver Theft Really Works

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We discuss the rigging of the precious metals markets with two special guests:

Stuart Englert, author of Rigged: Exposing the Largest Financial Fraud in History.

and Nick Barisheff: CEO of BMG Group, a precious metals fund and storage manager in Canada.

We discuss why an audit of physical gold holdings at GLD does nothing to prove the bars are not leased into the fund by someone else. The audit only focuses on validating the bars claimed are stored, but does not check chain of title to them prior to entry to GLD.

We discuss what happens when a large bank, who is an authorized participant in GLD, goes bust and potentially takes the GLD with it.

We talk about why the gold market has not developed a robust title process like we have in real estate. We also discuss why its easy to move gold around the world, melt it, and recast it in new bars or sell it to jewelers without most people every really knowing it.

We discuss how China can hold the gold they own and the central bank does not report it, using the sovereign wealth fund. We also discuss what happens when that gold, which had been leased from central banks around the world, never comes back to the West.

We discuss the many chain of title problems in the gold industry which allows these shadowy gold thefts to occur over and over again.

We discuss why 2021 might result in a currency war due to China’s gold hoard and the revaluation of the global SDR.

Lastly, we talk about why a 100% gold portfolio is the best idea under turbulent market conditions.

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