First Mining Gold: Impressive Value, Superb Financials & Great Mining District

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We speak with CEO of First Mining Gold Dan Wilton. Dan and I discuss the Fed’s comments on inflation targeting and how that may affect savers.

We discuss how a modest re-allocation of financial assets into gold will affect the gold price, as it began to in late 2018 when the latest leg of the gold bull market leg began. And we discuss why gold prices should continue to move up during a period of time in which the US is experiencing negative real interest rates.

As for the company, it represents an outstanding potential value investment in gold and silver, with over 4.8 million gold and 24 million silver ounces.

The market has not quite caught on to this one yet, but will as they progress through to their PEA and a mine decision. This leaves a lot of profit potential on the bone for current investors.

The company is in a fantastic mining district in Ontario, Canada in which the government is very amenable to new mines.

Their financials are very solid as their cash and security assets make up most of their market cap – their gold and silver ounces in the ground haven’t even been recognized by investors yet.

The company possesses multiple projects, which typically means higher valuations than for companies that have only one workable deposit.

Find more on First Mining Gold on their website, including access to their existing Preliminary Economic Assessment.

Also, learn why legendary First Majestic CEO Keith Neumeyer sits on First Mining Gold’s board and is so high on this company.

Company Website:

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