The COMEX Gold & Silver Raid Explained From A to Z

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We explain the scheme to get the COMEX gold and silver from beginning to end.

We explain why the data published by CME Group cannot be relied on.

We explain how the CME Group admitted that the eligible gold inventories are unreliable, cutting their estimates by a WHOPPING 50%. While admitting, they cannot certify any of them at all as being liquid on the exchange.

We explain how the mainstream financial media understands none of this, and why you have to be careful whom you listen to on the subject.

We also provide data on how the commodities markets have been manipulated since the mid-1800’s, why the CFTC was created, and a paper from Yale Law on why the CFTC has failed in its mission to regulate the futures market.

All this, plus more interesting tidbits.

Some references used in the video for your information:

Manipulation of Commodity Futures Prices- The Unprosecutable Crime

COMEX Bombshell – Most eligible vaulted gold has nothing to do with COMEX

CME Group admission of problems with estimating eligible gold liquidity for the futures exchange.

CME Group – Precious Metals Physical Delivery Process

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