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September 8, 2020
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GoldMining Inc Is Poised To Returned Out Sized Value to Investors
September 15, 2020

Money Managers Go Long Gold & My Rebuttal to Bix Weir’s Criticism

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Today we cover the change in commitments of traders for gold and silver (finally the latest COT report is out). Money managers are going long gold, and big individual investors are going long silver.

The gold and silver market update is short, but the episode gets interesting after the first few minutes. Bix Weir from the Road to Roota YouTube Channel has criticized a recent article I had published on FX Empire, which was also published on Yahoo Finance and Seeking Alpha.

I address his criticisms about my views on COMEX shadow contracts. He also criticized me for failing to credit a specific analyst as a source, a claim which I show convincingly is false and has no basis of merit.

I review my independent coverage of the gold and silver markets for the last ten years, and show you some of my early sources and why I used them. This is a really fun episode and I hope you enjoy it.

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