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Blue Lagoon’s Dome Mountain Mine Has Explosive Upside Potential

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I interview Blue Lagoon CEO and Director Rana Vig about their four gold, silver, copper, and molybdenum projects in British Columbia, Canada. BC is one of the most prolific mining districts in the world, and Canada is a Tier 1 Mining District.

The Dome Mountain Mine project contains an indicated resource of 81,000 gold ounces and an additional inferred 149,000 gold ounces. The mine is permitted for 75,000 ounces per year production. Dome Mountain has 15 high grade gold veins and over 20km of geological strike to explore.

To date, only 10% of the property has been explored for resources. $40 million has already been spent by past developers on the mine including exploration, development, and permitting, Blue Lagoon has contributed an additional $28 million of their own.

And the best news is that only the Boulder Vein system has been explored thoroughly, with some additional drilling on 12 veins and 15 total veins of potential resource waiting to be fully developed with similar geology.

Blue Lagoon acquired the mine without spending cash, for about half of its original value, and the project only needs another $1-$2 million to become production ready.

And did we mention the company has three other resource sites to explore? You can find more information on Blue Lagoon Resources on their website:

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