silver september pop comex
Silver Pops on Early September Deliveries
September 2, 2020
gold silver comex kirian deso shadow contracts
Shadow Contracts on COMEX and the Gold & Silver Raid
September 4, 2020

Something Wicked Is Happening on the COMEX Futures Market

gold silver comex broken

Well apparently people showed up to take delivery of physical gold and silver even though most open interest moved to the active December contract. Despite early delivery numbers for gold and silver, the prices are not responding bullishly like we would expect them to when physical deliveries are strong.

I also point out in gold where the numbers of open interest versus delivered contracts to date do not add up. And we are doing research on how some shadow contracts for physical have been appearing in the numbers. Simply said – the data on COMEX is now highly suspect and should not be trusted.

Lastly, we discus available physical in the London market, and how the LBMA and COMEX are using a paper gold scheme to use “free gold” in London to back up the COMEX. Except that I don’t believe there is a lot of free gold available in London. And there is almost none available in Japan on the TOCOM either.

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